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A bit of information about me

I’m a Lewes-based mixed media artist and designer. I create layered abstract artwork combining collage with painting, that explore my internal world.


My process is intuitive and initially playful. I explore the juxtaposition of contrasting elements in my work, such as rough and smooth textures, dark and light, geometric and organic shapes, as well as the incorporation of mark making and collaged papers, adding depth and complexity.

Recent work: 2020-2023

My work is a result of my interest in merging of collage and painting. I'm currently exploring liminal places - the state of being between two different internal places - waking and sleeping, known and unknown, belonging and feeling adrift. Each artwork is a small acknowledgement of the process at play in my inner world, some part of me looking to be heard.

I spent my early career as a graphic designer, graduating with a BA(hons) Degree. I worked for many years in the UK Design and Publishing industry including at the V&A Museum, London and The Design Council, London, and freelancing in book and magazine design.

In the past I've volunteered with community art events: including community mosaic art projects, and also at a local hospice, facilitating art and craft workshops for public and patients.


I exhibit my mosaics and mixed media work annually in Lewes Artwave Festival, and I also teach workshops occasionally. 

If you are interested in purchasing my work, or in taking a workshop with me please contact me:

instagram @nicolekgriffin


. . . hello!

map lewes paddock art sudio_edited_edited.jpg

Workshops run from The Paddock Studios (ground floor) in Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1TW

Sunday 24 June 10.15am-1pm

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